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Virgin at Rodeo

July 2007

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Virgin at Rodeo

Felted Bead Swap on Swap-Bot!

Felted Bead Swap on Swap-Bot! (Click link to go to the swap!)
Note: You must sign up with swap-bot to participate.

International Swap! because the beads aren't anywhere near heavy.

Hello there. This is my first swap, so be patient. =]

This swap is for hand-made felted beads. =]

The goal: Make 6 hand felted beads (which ever way you prefer to felt) and some jewelry findings (so your partner may turn those wonderful beads you made them into something wearable =]) to send to one partner. The felted beads can be any size, shape or color (be nice and check your partner's profile) as long as they ARE HAND-CRAFTED. No store-bought beads, please, unless it is to accompany the felted beads. We want to see your creative side!

Ideas for jewelry findings:

- Embroidery Thread
- Needles
- Earring Hooks
- Necklace / Bracelet closures
- Beads
- Ribbon

And the list goes on.
(If your partner sends you ALL of these, please remember HEARTS are a great way to say thank you!)

Must have atleast a 4.0 rating or better. If you have any no sends, please contact me first before signing up and explain why.
Newbies welcome, but must contact me first before signing up. Newbies MUST have a complete profile filled out, not just a few lines.

Don't know how to make felted beads? Check out these links to learn how!

Instructions 1
Instructions 2
Instructions 3

Happy Swapping!!

Share the swappy happiness!


Okay, so i got an account on swap-bot and i want to join your swap but before i do I want to make some first to see my skills.

Never heard of this before, sounds awesome kewl.
I'll be in touch.

and oh, what does it mean you must have a 4.0 rating or better?? Does that mean your reputation as a swapper on Swap-bot??
Yay! I really hope you join. It's super fun! =]

Yeah. When you swap, partners rate you. =] But, because I know you, I'll let you join. ;D So don't worry about the rating things...
yay, awesome. I'll go and test my skills. heh heh
It's super easy.

Just make sure when you're felting the beads that you felt them for long enough. Make sure they are hard, and when you rinse them, they don't take in any of the water. =] If they do, felt them some more... and let them dry for a good 24 hours, at least. I put mine by the air conditioner and it tends to dry them within 32 hours. =]
Great thanks!
Welcome! =]

Let me know how it turns out.
Well, I'm not a felter by nature so I'm not sure if I can sign up, since today is my last opportunity. I'll post pics on m journal. I'm not impressed, I couldn't seem to get them tight enough. I got alot of ideas for decorating and stuff it's just the timing to perfect technique.

hOW many people you got so far??
You can sign up. You don't have to be a an expert. I'm not. =] The ending date to sign up is July 31st. =] So you have tons of time.

If they don't get tight enough, just keep rolling them REALLY hard between your hands. =] It works for me.

Only one other person has signed up. =( I'm sad.
oh that's perfect. I'll practice. I'd like to be successful cuz it seems reakky fun.

I'll sign up soon but I have two day trips out to the lake, we're hitting 40C and I don't know if I'll be online much, for sure I'll be on by sunday.

I'll get it I'm sure:P
I bet you'll be great at it! =]

Oooo! Have fun at the lake! =]
Talk to you Sunday!