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Virgin at Rodeo

July 2007

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Virgin at Rodeo

Ha! I finally got the hang of my weaving sticks!

katojikuta was talking about the sticks she made, so I decided to grab some of my Bernat Chunkee and give it a try.. again. My first attempt was a horrible mess, but it worked this time! I was doing it way to tight last time.

Soooo, my pretties, this is my first finished weaving project. A bookmark (because I made it way to small to be anything else and not small enough to make a bracelet).

This is the work in progess.
(And a couple of finished felted beads. I LOVE those things. Seriously. They are my new love. I love them almost more then crochet.)

And now, the finished product!
It looks pretty spiffy in my Robert Frost book.

Thanks again, katojikuta!!


Your welcome. Sweet work, I love the colours. Good for you to figure it out, Yay!!! 5'm going to add some more color and try some variation in mine as it grows. There's no intention of it to be anything just a fun experiment.
I'm sooo happy I figured it out. I'm doing a big project now for my secret pal. Ooo. I hope she likes it!

I'm a little scared of trying to do my own striping. I don't want to mess it up, you know?.. So, for now, I'm just going to use yarn that already stripes for me. Lol.
Either way it awesome and I'm proud of you *standing ovation*
Oooo, shucks!!
*blush blush.. shuffles feet*
heh heh