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Virgin at Rodeo

July 2007

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Virgin at Rodeo

Mmm. Yarn porn ahead!

Yarn Porn
I was in heaven today. A.k.a., The Local Yarn Store. Gah. It was amazing. ALL those fibers. All that yarn and wool. Mmm. I'm a huge sucker for beautifully dyed yarn. There isn't much to say, so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

The New Zealand yarn (the mostly yellow one) is an exchange. The one I originally bought had parts where it had partially felted because of the recent humidity and general hotness. Sooo, they exchanged it with the closest colorway and then wound it into a center pull ball for me at no charge. She wanted to make sure the new one wasn't felted like the other. I love my LYS people. I really do.

The Plymouth Yarn is going on my weaving sticks once they are free.

I'm currently working on two projects for my secret pal's final shipment. It's going to be great. I'm also working on a "medicine" bag. I don't like that name, so I've got to work on that.

I also picked up some beading supplies to make some jewelry. I'm excited. I can't wait to see how this secret project turns out.


*swooning* love colors
ok now about 'medicine bag' just so you know the history of what that means for us indians (f*** political vcorrectness, I'm not gonna start calling myself a native or aboriginal just because the mainstreams say so.....I'm an indian man) anyways
medicine bag, just means something that's is good medicine and by medicine we indians mean something that it good for you. Whether it's good to make (you enjoying it, or using it to express??) or powerful have/own or give away or whatever, just something good for the spirit or something that makes you feel powerful. Calling it medicine is the translation into english, there's good medicine or bad.

How about "power" bag??
Magic bag??
douche bag??
heh, either way you say it it sounds weird cuz technically by tradition you don't 'talk' about your medicine, it's private and quietly internal.

There's a little 'native' history for ya. What's the diff we're all gonna die and disappear anyways. I gave up my cultural practices years ago.
Hehe. Don't swoon to much!

Thank you for the lesson, but I already knew. ;D I'm Native as well. Half, actually. Grandmother is full, grandfather is three quarters. And so on. =]

I'm just not a big fan of the name. Because, literally, I can't carry the lavender my medicine man gives me inside. It'd fall all out. Hehehehe. Ok. Bad example. Anywho. I just wish it didn't sound so.... medical. Lol.
Oh man. I just realized how bitchy that comment was. Sorry. That wasn't my intention. =(
wowee wow *stars and hearts floating above head*
that's too kewl
Yeah I feel the same about the medicalness of the word. I'm (a)Nishnabe, ojibway or chippewa as better known in america. What about you?? Did you ever live in the bush or do you still?

I could ask a million questions. I just think its weirdness at it's best that we both click and have the native thing going as well.

we should come up with a new, modern expression for a very good thing :P

Hehehe. *admires the stars and hearts*

Elixir would be a great word to replace medicine. Dontcha think? It's just a different word for the same thing. Wee. I'm a smarty tonight.

I'm the exact same! Chippewa all the way!

Where do you live, hmmm? Next door?... Haha.

In the bush? You know, through all my native lessons and teaching, I've never heard of that. I heard of africans living in the bush on the dicovery channel though. Lol. So, I'm going to safely say no.
ha ha ha ha seriously LOL no joke

okay, growing up that's what wilderness was called. Everyone said, the bush. Going out to the bush. All my family was is loggers, trappers, pilot, guides and they worked in the bush and then there was in town. Hehheh. I never really thought of the word bush b4 and saying it over and over now well........heh heh.

I met this medicine man from America a few years ago who had never heard of the bush before either. How strange I thought.

ok so I'm Canadian, born and raised in the east, northeastern Ontario to be exact, nearest city that you might have heard about is called Thunder Bay. I moved out here to the west over 13 years ago and I now inhabit the interior of BC in a fast growing city called Kamloops, it's sepwempec for where two rivers meet.

oh yeah, I also hear that the austrlian aboriginies live in the bush too.

I LOVE elixir. It's perfect and you are a bang on smarty.
Heh, I'll have to make an elixir bag soon.

At the lake I saw, hummingbird, coyote, groundhog, butterfly, spider, dragonfly and dead minnow.
oh yeah, mosquitoe and blackfly too. gah

Ahhh, ok. Got it now.
When I was younger we lived wayyy out in "the bush", but now I'm living in a smallsmallsmall town. =]

I AM surprized an American medicine man didn't know what bush meant. Hmmm. I'm going to have to see if mine does. Haha. Test his knowledge!

I think I've heard of Thunder Bay. I think. But, the others, I haven't. =] We'll have to exchange postcards so I can see what it's like.

Thank you, thank you.
My "Elixor Bags" are hot on another site. I just got a request to make one. Weee. Pocket money. Haha.
When you make one, picturesss!

You saw dead minnows? Ewww.
The mosquitoes haven't been bad here at all this summer. I'm so veryveryvery happy.

Before I forget. That button bracelet is awesome how ingenious.
Unfortunately the only postacard I could send you would be of Kamloops. I'm in the west now, buried within the interior desert, so I could send a postcard of here but I have nothing of my homeland.

Right now I certainly wish I lived in a small small town. believe me I do know the downfalls of it but the quiet that's available can't be beat.

I'm on sensory overload right now. Who knows maybe I would become deaf with the quiet anyways. heh

That's great about your Elixor bags making you some money. I hope maybe to sell off some of my stuff eventually, when my stock gets too high.

When I make another one, of course I'll post you some pics. And oh, I'm going out to shop for another something for the chain I'm making you cuz I didn't like the color of the first one, I should have bought the original I had in hand but you know, second geussing hrmph.
*wink* I'm going to aim for finishing it today.
I love postcards, so any kind is good. =]

The quiet is good sometimes. Sometimes I just want to be in the midst of a flurry of activity!

The Elixir Bag was totally your idea, so if you want a share, let me know. =] I totally didn't mean to steal your idea.

*grins like a child locked in a candy store* You spoil me. Seriously. *mucho loving*
Oh, ok. I'll try to find one before I finish the keychain, which I haven't yet as I spent ALL day yesteray getting my truck on the road.

Heh heh, you go for it!! I live vicariously through you *whistling and shuffling feet*

Oh and pass me some of that candy would ya, I'm hungry.
and yeah, I'll try to post a pic of it (keychain) up to this point, something is still missing.

Ok. Seriously.
I just freakin' adore the crap outa you!
heh heh heh me to for you

Oh and yeah

heh thanks for the good morning yarn porn. It went well with my coffee.
Is it that last one that's called Plymouth yarn?? Whatever it's called what is it made out of?? Is it soft or??

Re: Oh and yeah

Yarn porn is always great with coffee. For sure.

Nope. The Plymouth is the third yarn in the first picture. =]

The last yarn is just called Handpaint Originals by the Brown Sheep Company. My LYS carries quite a bit colorways in this yarn. They are only 88 yards and a semi-light weight. It doesn't say for sure how heavy it is, except it says 4. I don't go by the numbers thing, so it may make sense to you. It's soft, yes. Not super duper soft, but soft. It's 70% Mohair and 30% Wool.

Re: Oh and yeah

I just got my first roving of mohair. I've heard it's challenging.
To see that Brown Sheep company yarn in pic form it loks almost like viscose or even hemp. I was stumped by it.

Any plans for it yet or you waiting for the inspiration to hit??

Re: Oh and yeah

Hehe. I should send you some of my wool and have you spin it up for me. :P

Mohair looks REALLY.. I>fuzzy</i> or is it just me?

The Brown Sheep was twisted in a figure eight when I got it, but I didn't take pics until after I had un-twisted it. The yardage is so small (you should see the size of the ball it made = TINY), so I was thinking a medicine bag or two. It'd look great around the neck, me thinks.

Re: Oh and yeah

Yes, it would look awesome around the neck, definitely worn. And you betcha about the fuzziness of it, apparently it 'knits hot.', which I've gathered to believe is your hands sweat when you work with it and then.....well, I imagine it's sticky somewhat. Like not gummy but sticks to your hands. I have worked with it a little but not in a big way. I have 4 balls of green, very light green.

And you know, when I get better I would definitely spin stuff for you.
That way I would have practice and not have to buy everything, sell it all etc. Seriously, that would work for me.

I wonder what the postage for travel etc would cost and if it would be worth it in the long run. It sure would be fun, though.

Re: Oh and yeah

So far, my Mohair is driving me nuts. It keeps tangling my hook. All I want to do is throw it across the room and run screaming in frustration. Lol. It's super fuzzy once you start working with it.
I'm going mad.

Yay for getting fiber spun! =] I want a spinning wheel in a bad way, but I'm afraid. So very afraid. I'd break it. I know it. Lol.

Postage shouldn't be to much seeing as fiber is pretty light.

Re: Oh and yeah

I sent 35+ yds to masechusetts for 5 bucks.

Sorry bout the mohair, yeah I get the stickyness f it now. I'm excited to start mine and I think I'll do it on the wheel instead of the spindle.

I got a cheep wheel on ebay and I found another one for 125 american on craigslist.
I thought I would break mine too but so far so good.

Re: Oh and yeah

I only had to pay $2 for shipping across the States for 200 yards of cashmere and silk yarn.

I was nearly finished with this abstract-type bracelet and decided to make a necklace instead, so I frogged it and started over. I'm finicky sometimes. Lol.

Only 125 for a wheel? What kind of shape was the one from ebay in? =]

Re: Oh and yeah

I was shocked at how much it cost to ship such a light little thing.

ooo yeah I know about finicky, that's how i'm feeling about your keychain right now.

Yeah the wheel that was 125 was made out of plumbing tubes, the plastic kind and it's called a Babe, I just heard about it twice most recntly.

The one I got from ebay was old as they advertised but everything was as described and in my opinion really great as it works and it I want it to look nicer I could refinishi it ut I care moer about funtionality right now.

Re: Oh and yeah

My poor keychain. Haha.

I think I've heard about the plastic wheels before. I think. I'll have to look it up. Maybe I'll get one.

I really want to use a spinning wheel. I hate those darned drop spindles!

Re: Oh and yeah

yeah they are very different
wheels produce faster
spindles are slower but I find them relaxing and they are portable so I can load up my charmmy kitty bag and go

Re: Oh and yeah

You're totally selling me on these wheels.
I may have to look into one with taxes. Hehe.

Re: Oh and yeah

research louet s10
it's considered modern, i like the commpact simplicity of it.
good luck

Re: Oh and yeah

Oh yeah, and.....I'm a total noob at it so, I'll post some pics of my almost finished next skein when I'm done, just waiting for drying process to finish before plying.
I can't wait to see it!