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Virgin at Rodeo

July 2007



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Jun. 21st, 2007

Update Goodness

I've had the last two days off of work. I was suppose to clean and organize my bedroom. Ha. I cleaned up some of it, but not even close to all. Next week. Maybe.

I've been crocheting for my secret pal, too. It's great making items for people you barely know. Yay.

And, well, I'm trying to hand at making ATCs as well. Man. My crafts are ALL over the place. Who, seriously, decides to do something completely different then what they were doing in a matter of seconds?.. I DO. Oh well.

And, yeah, I realized I'm making a blanket for a man who lives in Texas. I hope the air conditioner works, because he's using the blanket! Lol.

Work tonight, so this isn't much of an update.

I'm alive and mostly well.
I wish I were already in Texas.
And I really need something to hold all my printed patterns and all my hooks.
Maybe I'll make something. Hmmm.

Gah. Shower time.

Jun. 18th, 2007

Bag done! Finally!

N's commissioned bag is finally finished!
The problem?
I forgot to take pictures.

And it looks hella great.
I'll have to take my camera to work so I can get a picture of her using it.

I'm SOOO happy it's finally done.

Jun. 14th, 2007

Handbag made with yarn from my Secret Pal!

Here it is. I only had enough for one front panel, so the other side is a mixed green and pink yarn with 2 strands held together. I didn't take a picture of that side.

Click for PeekturesCollapse )

Jun. 13th, 2007

Stick weaving, here I come!

Oh man. I want to learn how to do this. Badly. I could use pretty sock yarn.

Cut for VIDEO of How-To-Stick-WeaveCollapse )

I'll need dowels sanded down to a dull point at one end and sanded flat at the other so holes can be drilled into them. I'll need 3 or 4, I think, until I get the hang of it.

Yes. I defiantely need to start stick weaving.

OH no no no no no.. I just found a website that sells the wooden weaving sticks. I'm in heaven. Maybe I'll get it. It's only $5. Maybe not. I'll have to see what money I'll have left on payday.
Stick Weaving Kit!

Jun. 12th, 2007

Much to do about nothing.

I really need to do something exciting with my life. All I do is work, crochet, sleep, work, crochet, work, work, work, sleep. So, I decided it was time to change it up a bit. I enrolled in a seamstress/dressmaking course online. I got my package of study materials the other day. I can't wait to dig in, but I need to finish two bags I have that are being sold to a friend of mine/co-worker. I've also come up with this great crocheted top. I'm sketching out details even though I can't draw worth crap. Also, seeing as it's been decided by the fiber gods that I can't spin yarn, I'm using my very beautiful roving to make felt fabric. It's easy. And it's be fun to embellish and sell as a "Private Collection".

And in other news, I'm still looking for the "perfect dress". Once I find it, I'll be able to make a couple of them from the dress so that I'll have more then just one for my wardrobe. I'm excited to start using my sewing machine again.

And John. My sweet, sweet, loving John. I love him. I DO. I wish I were already in Texas with him. He filled out an application for an apartment. I hope he gets it. He said it sounds like it's a done deal, but really.. It's never DONE until the contract is signed. I haven't read the best online reviews of the place, but it's better then a cardboard box (although I'd live in a box with him if it meant I'm able to be near him always). I'm currently in the process of making him a secret present for his birthday. It'll be around his birthday when he comes up to get me for the BIG MOVE. I want to use what I'm making to wrap up a much larger, more expensive present. I hope he likes it. Hell, he better, after all the work I'm putting into it.

Swap-Bot has some pretty great swaps. I signed up for a Mug! Mug! Mug! swap and ended up with a very cute mug, home-made chai tea, hazelnut coffee and tons of Japanese candy (because it IS my favorite kind of candy). I'm so veryvery excited. Almost all the candy is gone already. Oops. I'll have pictures when I get the time to re-size and upload them. =]

I'm a semi-content person right now. And this makes me happy.

Ok, and seriously, this fabric store completely rocks my socks. The 60s & 70s, Japanese Import and the traditional japanese fabrics are my favs so far.

Jun. 8th, 2007

You rock, Poppy!

I'm totally excited. I had a roving named after me!
GOOOOO Check It Out!
Thank you, Miss Poppy!

In other news.. I can NOT get the hang of the drop spindle. I feel like I'm drowning. AND after I bought ALL this great fiber.

Jun. 6th, 2007


My personal journal (this one) is slowly being moved over to trashyflash.
That's all.

Have a nice day. =]

ETA: But, for the sake of SPLJ4, this will stay up until after it's over.

Jun. 5th, 2007

New store opening soon!

Randy Girl Studio!

Check it out!
Add it!

You won't be disappointed.

Jun. 1st, 2007

Man oh Man!

The place I work gave out tickets for Merchant's Day at a local water park. My mother took my daughter, sister and 2 cousins. My poor family. All of them are burned to a crisp. They look like a bunch of apples. Ha. Lucky me. I slept in.

I also tried to write down all my WIPs. I think I have more somewhere. Damn.

N's Bag (On commission for this one.)
John's/SO Blanket (In search of a manly pattern, because I just don't feel like coming up with one.)
Floral Scarf (Making the floral part now. This one will be put up for sale when I'm finished. I can do custom colors on it as well.)
"Made up stitch pattern" Shawl
My very own blanket
The Wee One's Socks & Dress
Scarf for SP
Bag for Swap Bot Swap (Just need to line and send.)
My "RED" Bag
AND I'm working on a pattern for a long tunic/tank/wrap for myself.

So far that's it. I may have some more hiding somewhere. Who knows.

A great woman from work lent me the book "The Virgin Suicides". I can't wait to start reading it. She said it's ten times better then the movie. I'm sure it is. 99.999999999999999999% of books are better then the movies made out of them.

Now off I go to find the right pattern.

And to love on my poor, poor, poor sun-kissed daughter.

Tommorow is pay day! Fiberrrrrrr, here I come!

May. 31st, 2007

I seriously want to make this..

But, it's not in my size.
More Then an Apron

I wonder how I can up the size. Maybe I could design something like that myself, but I don't know how to do darts. Gah.
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